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Artist Statement

My work arises out of my fascination with the visual world, pattern, color, shape, and volume. My style probably owes the most to impressionism. It is largely concerned with how light reveals objects through shadow and color. Landscape is my favorite subject. It is endless in its variation, yet familiar. Landscape speaks to the spiritual in us. The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. I put roads and pathways in pictures because of what they do compositionally. But on another level I think they speak to us of the fact that we are all on the road - life's journey - sunshine and shadow, hills and valleys, narrow places and the vistas that suddenly open out before us. Water is another important element in many of my works. There is the challenge of representing its reflectivity in various weather conditions, but also because it shows that what we see may only be a reflection of reality.
I like to work in soft pastel and colored pencil because of the kind of mark they make upon the paper or board. They can be very fresh and immediate, and convey lively energy. With pastel I work mainly on Canson Mi-Tentes paper in dark or mid-tones, and mid-toned mat board. Sometimes I work on black acid-free paper. I use much the same with colored pencil, and have worked more with black paper in that medium. The other medium I'm working with is gel pen on dark or black paper. I have mainly worked silver gel pen on black. It's a kind of reverse drawing approach where you draw the lightest part, rather than the shadowy parts. Now I am experimenting with using a number of gel pen colors to build up the picture. It's challenging because the palette is so limited, but the image of the vibrant inks on black is exciting.
My hope is that my images will bring enjoyment to viewers, and that some of my fascination with the world will become theirs.

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